I’ve been thinking a lot about old friends, lately. All of the people that I have lost touch with for a multitude of reasons – moving homes, moving jobs, going to back to school, leaving school, going back to school again – have influenced my life (mostly) for the better, and I miss them, but I am crap at keeping in touch.

So, now that I am starting yet another phase of my life, I am starting this blog in the hopes that I can communicate with you more regularly, and give you a way to chat with me when the mood strikes you. Be a voyuer. Be an active participant. It’s your choice.

Due to a few crazies out there that have been harassing public female bloggers in the past few months, I am keeping this blog off of the search robots for now. So, bookmark this site or keep the e-mail with the address and check in every once in a while and let me know what you are up to!