An interesting article, How College Costs Could Lead to a Market Crash, argues that the increase of college debt (for undergrads, but could also be applied to graduates), coupled with the large supply of college educated folks compared to the demand for such workers, could slow the growth of the US economy and lead to all kinds of social ills – including delaying marriage, kids, and home purchases, and stunting the growth of entrepreneurism, social security, volunteerism, and the arts and humanities.

Pretty doom and gloom stuff, but the man does make a point. It is pretty tough to get ahead with your newly earned college degree when you have the equivalent of a new Lexus in personal debt (or in some cases, a house), and you still need to buy a car to get to your low-paying first job to pay off that debt. And don’t even get me started on those of us who’ve chosen to change careers midstream… We’re starting from scratch.

Yet another example of how the rich stay rich, the poor stay poor, and the middle class grows to extinction.