Last week, I was listening to Hardball on MSNBC when they were talking about the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Throughout the hour, a bunch of pundits were on speculating about how this could have happened, when I heard this amusing exchange (between Ret. General Barry McCaffrey and guest host Mike Barnicle):

MCCAFFREY: Mike, there‘s also a human dimension to this, I might sort of add in.

In the last 25 years, there has been a 40 percent drop in the number of graduate—or undergraduate degrees in engineering. We need our brilliant young men and women in the eighth grade doing algebra, in the 10th grade doing calculus, and then studying civil engineering and architectural design, not just studying law and recreation management.

So, our future is wrapped up in…

BARNICLE: There is a whole other program.


BARNICLE: Drop the hedge funds and go to engineering school.

So let’s see here. Recreation management (check), law school (check), MBA (check check) – is someone trying to tell me something?