So, I spent half the day today talking about dancing on bars — seriously. All in the name of Torts! The practice exam that we were working through was about a girl who entered a “Shake It Like Shakira” contest, sponsored by a tequila company and hosted by a local bar. Sorry to say, our ill-fated client slipped on the wet bar in her Barbie-heels and ended up (A) tearing a ligament in her knee, (B) getting a staph infection while in the hospital, and (C) losing her job because she was out for 6 weeks. Poor Barbie.

While we were working through it, all I could think of was “those were the days!” My study partner, Desiree, could talk about nothing but the great time she had in Mexico riding a mechanical bull in a dirt bar in Puerto Penasco. And my other study partner, Aaron, couldn’t figure out what to make of these two wild women he was stuck with in the very small study room reliving their glory days. Poor Aaron.

Au Revoir, Julie!

Julie Ranger (read: Zhulie Hon-zhay) is leaving on Monday. My Quebecois carpool partner will be missed. She drives like crap, which is ironic since she was pulled over on 599 for speeding (I started laughing when she called me and told me this. In a million years, I would never accuse Julie of speeding), but her cute French accent – through her many tears – convinced the sheriff that perhaps she could be forgiven her transgressions. She got off with a warning. To which Brent confirms his suspicion that all girls can get out of speeding tickets if they could just cry on command – a subtle art I have yet to master.

Anyway, my “Montrealean” friend will go home on Monday, and I will miss her. She is smart, sassy, strong, and self-assured. If I were gay, I’d totally have a girl-crush. What am I saying? I’m NOT gay, and I TOTALLY have a girl-crush! Seriously, though. People come in and out of your life for a reason, and I am glad she came into mine. Through the eyes of this French-Canadian, I have been able to see my own country in a completely different light, especially in the realms of racism, civil rights, and immigration, and I have a newfound appreciation for the space America occupies in the world. And guess what? It’s not all about us! Go figure…

3 Down, 1 to Go

I have taken 3 of my 4 exams so far. Criminal law was pretty much what I expected – lots of conspiracy, someone died. The usual. CHLP (Comparative History and Legal Perspectives) was irritating. I studied like a mad-woman, and none of it helped. It was just like taking a Philosophy exam, which Jim would have rocked! But me? Not so much. Then we had Contracts, in which my computer almost crashed. But I feel pretty cocky in Contacts, so I finished early (probably to my detriment). On Thursday, I take the dreaded Torts exam. The least comprehensive and endearing of all of my exams. Have I told you that I will never be a Personal Injury attorney? No? Well, let me tell you – I will NEVER be a personal injury attorney. Torts is the most “American” of all of the subjects I’ve studied so far. Sue people for your own stupidity — The American Way!

In a few days, 1/6th of my Law School career will be in the bag. I can’t wait!