Since I can’t bring an iPod into my new LANL digs, I’ve been listening to a lot of KFOG. Not bad, really. New Mexico airwaves are pretty much owned by ClearChannel (death to the infidels), so KFOG is a nice vacation from the same-old crap on the radio. Plus, they don’t edit out the word “bullshit” in Pink Floyd’s “Money” – which, I believe is one of the great examples of our artistic and musical history being white-washed under the banner of protecting our children from bad words (and independent thought) — another soapbox for another day.

Anyway, they have a segment they run every day at 10:00 AM, PST called “The 10@10.” Ten songs at 10 o’clock all from a particular year. Today’s year was 1997. So, I’ve just rocked out to 10 songs from 1997 – many of which I have loaded on my iPod so I’m happy. At the end of the hour, the announcer-person says that 1997 has just been inducted into the 10@10 vault.

Why do I care? Because a decade has to have passed before it can be a 10@10 flashback year. Has it really been 10 years since 1997? I mean, I know I’m not so hot on math, but it doesn’t feel 10 years since ’97. This one hurts.