I’ve been seeing headlines today about this speech that Barack Obama made today about race. Didn’t read the articles, have no idea what he said, probably heard it all anyway, and I had other things to think about at the moment. So, when I get back to my desk, about to hunker down to some seriously tedious coding work, I do a quick google for a video of the speech to see what the buzz is all about.

I just finished listening to it – beginning to end.

Two words: Holy Crap! I think I have either completely changed my mind about Barack Obama, or someone slipped me the Kool-Aid at lunch. The most beautiful – and on target – speech I have heard out of the mouth of a politician since that speech in The American President (where Michael Douglas was our President and he had a gaggle of Hollywood writers on his staff). I’m sure Aaron Sorkin is lurking around behind the curtain somewhere…

If you haven’t seen it (Obama’s speech, that is — although “The American President” is good, too), you must. Unfiltered. Start to finish. No talking heads telling you what to think about it. Do it. Now.