I read about the death of Eight Belles, the second place filly at the Kentucky Derby, with great sadness for our society. For a number of reasons, I deplore horse racing, dog racing, and any other type of “entertainment” in which animals are put at risk for our amusement. Outside of the animal rights community, I’m often a minority.

However, this guy from Fox Sports wrote an article that pretty much represents the genesis of the line of thinking I took that led me to choose vegetarianism 18 years ago this past March. Where are the boundaries of our collective hypocrisy? How can we have companion animals and love them like kids, and then not extend that affection and compassion to the cow on a plate? Why do people who love horses condone horse racing and rodeo riding? And why do “animal lovers” still tolerate animal testing by purchasing cheap consumer products manufactured by Procter & Gambel, Kimberly Clark, Colgate Palmolive, etc.?

Our choices have ripple effects that permeate areas lots of us don’t want to think about. But we shouldn’t kid ourselves that we are somehow living “true to our beliefs” when we choose to ignore the effects of our behaviors.