Even though I love seeing my shining Teva smiling at me from my computer screen each time I log on, the show must go on. So, I’ve compiled a short list of old standbys to bridge the gap between mourning and the real world. Hence I give you:

  • Stuff White People Like — with particular attention paid to #3, #17, #40, #41, #75, & #105 amongst the many fine offerings of this site.
  • The Onion — the most accurate news on the web.
  • In Defense of Chick Flicks – just found this today and I can’t agree more. I have been raging all summer that all the multiplex has given me is a pile of Dick Flicks (Hellboy, Raiders, Batman, et. al.) and Momma Mia. What’s a girl to do? So glad I subscribe to #39, because without any #3’s in Santa Fe, I don’t know what I would do!