It’s been two days and I am still pissed off at Sarah Palin.  So when I found this story about the rehabilitation of Michael Vick’s fighting dogs (all of them pit bulls) at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah (one example of community organization), I couldn’t help but notice the absurd division of political rhetoric from reality.  Palin’s self-styled “Pit Bull with Lipstick” doesn’t quite fit in this context.  Pit bulls are too honorable and more redeemable than Sarah Palin.

On the other hand, maybe Vick’s dogs can be an example for Sarah.  Maybe with a little patience and kindness, and some dog treats and toys and a few scratches behind her ears, Sarah Palin can reconnect with her true pit bull nature and stop attacking citizen-led organizations that are accomplishing the things of which elected officials are incapable.

So, Sarah, with all due respect afforded to someone of such high position and stature — bite me.